Will I be able to afford Serostim® (somatropin) for injection?

If your healthcare provider has prescribed Serostim® for you, the AXIS Center is a support program offered by EMD Serono, the makers of Serostim®, to help guide you through the process—from helping with the prior authorization and checking to see if Serostim® is approved by insurance to answering insurance questions, providing training to take Serostim®, and navigating the insurance process.

Don’t let the concern of another expense keep you from talking with your healthcare provider about managing your HIV-associated wasting.

Determining if your insurance covers Serostim®:

Serostim® is covered by most insurance plans. In many states, it is covered by Medicaid and ADAP. The AXIS Center offers trained reimbursement specialists who can help you verify your insurance benefits, determine coverage options, and help to locate pharmacies in your area.

Patient Assistance Program:

If you don’t have health insurance or coverage, you should be aware that the Serostim® Patient Assistance Program (PAP) helps people who have HIV-associated wasting get the Serostim® treatment they have been prescribed. Eligible patients who meet certain financial and medical criteria receive Serostim® for free.

Serostim® Copay Assistance Program:

The Copay Assistance Program can decrease or potentially eliminate out-of-pocket costs for eligible commercially or privately insured patients. It can provide a maximum benefit of $1,500 off your monthly prescription copay. For most patients, the copay may be fully covered by the program, meaning you may not have to pay anything out of pocket. Ask your healthcare provider for information about the Serostim® Copay Assistance Program and request a Copay Card.

  • You must have a prescription drug benefit that covers Serostim® and a valid Serostim® prescription.
  • You may not use the card if you receive drug benefits from Medicaid, a Medicare drug
    benefit plan, or other federal or state programs (including state Medicaid assistance programs and/or pharmaceutical patient assistance programs). Additionally, you may not use the card if your private insurance, HMO, or other health or pharmacy benefit program paid for the entire Serostim® prescription.
  • This is not an insurance program.
  • Void in any state where prohibited by law, taxed, or otherwise restricted.
  • You may not combine this card with any other rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer.
  • EMD Serono reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this offer at any time without notice.

For more information, contact the AXIS Center at 1-877-714-AXIS (2947).