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Even if your HIV is undetectable and your CD4 counts are normal, you may still be experiencing HIV-associated wasting1,2


Even if your HIV is undetectable and your CD4 counts are normal, you may still be experiencing HIV-associated wasting1,2

If you are HIV positive…

If you are HIV positive, taking HIV meds, feeling a loss of energy, and have lost weight and lean body mass (LBM), you may have a medical condition called HIV-associated wasting.3-13 

HIV-associated wasting affects many different people, including1,2,8,14:

  • People infected with HIV who have undetectable viral loads and normal CD4 counts
  • People who have had HIV for a long time
  • People on HIV meds who have or have had an acute infection
  • People who are newly diagnosed with HIV and on HIV medication

HIV-associated wasting is defined by three key symptoms3

Decreased energy
  • As you lose weight, you may find yourself getting tired more quickly than you used to
  • Even simple, everyday tasks can be difficult for you to do
  • You find that you don’t have enough energy to do the things you’ve always loved to do
Weight loss
  • You’re losing weight, but you aren’t trying to
  • As your weight changes, your appearance may change
  • Friends, family, and coworkers may notice and express concern
Loss of lean body mass
  • Lean body mass (LBM) includes your muscles, organs, blood, bone, and water
  • You may feel tired more quickly or notice that you have less physical energy

HIV-associated wasting shouldn’t be ignored3,4,7

HIV-associated wasting can have serious consequences for your health. The condition can lead to loss of muscle, reduced body weight, impaired physical functioning, a feeling of decreased well-being, and faster disease progression.* If you are experiencing symptoms of HIV-associated wasting, don’t wait, talk to your doctor today about whether treatment with Serostim® might be right for you.

*Serostim is not indicated to reduce viral load or increase CD4 counts, and was not shown to do so in clinical trials

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