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The AXIS Center offers a variety of services to help patients.

EMD Serono is committed to helping patients access Serostim® (somatropin) for injection by providing a network of support services. The AXIS Center is a reimbursement and support program dedicated to healthcare providers and patients.

The AXIS Center provides a dedicated case manager to:

  • Assist throughout the reimbursement process, including appeals and patient assistance program, as necessary
  • Arrange injection training for patients at your office or in the patient’s home when requested
  • Enroll patients in a sharps disposal program to help them safely dispose of needles and syringes
  • Product support specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to address questions about product administration


In the first three quarters of 2017:

  • The AXIS center had a prior authorization success rate of 82% for insured patients prescribed Serostim®
  • Of cases denied and appealed, 73% were overturned and approved
  • 92% of commercially insured patients with unsuccessful cases were approved to receive Serostim® through the Patient Assistance Program

Patient Assistance Program

The Serostim® Patient Assistance Program (PAP) helps people who have HIV-associated wasting get the Serostim® treatment they need. Eligible patients must meet certain financial and medical criteria to receive Serostim® for free.

Copay Assistance Program

The Copay Assistance Program can decrease or potentially eliminate out-of-pocket costs for eligible commercially or privately insured patients. In the first three quarters of 2017, with the Serostim® Copay Assistance Program, 95% of commercially insured patients did not incur any out of pocket costs.

For eligible, commercially insured patients, the Copay Assistance Program will cover up to $1,500 per month, for up to 12 uses. Patients who receive drug benefits for Medicaid, Medicare, or other federal or state programs are not eligible for the Patient Assistance Program or Copay Assistance Program.

Program requirements:

  • Patients must have a prescription drug benefit that covers Serostim® and a valid Serostim® prescription.
  • Patients may not use the card if they receive drug benefits from Medicaid, a Medicare drug benefit plan, or other federal or state programs (including state Medicaid assistance programs and/or pharmaceutical patient assistance programs). Additionally, patients may not use the card if their private insurance, HMO, or other health or pharmacy benefit program paid for the entire Serostim® prescription.
  • This is not an insurance program.
  • Patients may not combine this card with any other rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer.
  • Void in any state where prohibited by law, taxed, or otherwise restricted.
  • EMD Serono reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this offer at any time without notice.

Professional Resources

These are some of the prominent organizations and agencies where healthcare professionals can refer to for more information about treating HIV/AIDS.

Call 1-877-714-AXIS (2947) to get more information about these programs.